Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cleveland Trust Rotunda Building & Ameritrust/Breuer Tower – Worth Saving

Here’s a current exterior photo of the Cleveland Trust Rotunda building and the Ameritrust Tower. The tower was designed by architect Marcel Breuer, who is known for the “brutalist” style. The tower was initially intended to be the home of the Cuyahoga Country offices, but after years of county mismanagement in trying to renovate the structure, the county trying (unsuccessfully) to sell the property, and the country corruption scandal/trial/convictions, the tower and the rotunda remain in limbo. The new county administration is looking at consolidating all its properties and hopefully in the process, someone will take up the task of getting these 2 building back in use. The Cleveland Trust Rotunda is an exceptional space and it would be wonderful to see it open and in use again. Having never been inside the Ameritrust Tower, I can’t speak to the interior of that facility, but I can say it is a very important structure in the world of architecture

The Cleveland Trust rotunda is on the corner of East 9th Street and Euclid Avenue (US Route 20), with the Ameritrust Tower directly next door on East 9th.

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illinoisian said...

Thanks so much for sharing all this info. I looked at your whole blog today. I left Cleveland in the 60's, but my heart will always be there.