Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Heinen’s Beautiful Downtown Cleveland Store

I’m a dedicated Heinen’s shopper and was thrilled when they opened a store in downtown Cleveland in the beautiful former Cleveland Trust (bank) rotunda. I finally got a chance to get to the store today and it is a stunning facility. The interior is a fresh, clean space with beautiful murals and stunning glass in the rotunda dome. And of course, it makes for a wonderful setting to display all kinds of foods. The second floor of the rotunda area is dedicated to wine, beer, and related items. It was almost overwhelming.

Here are a few photos. But the space should been seen firsthand to really be appreciated. While you visit the store, you won’t be able to walk out without buying something, especially if you pass the bakery counter!

All photos ©allthingsclevelandohio.blogspot.com

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