Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video Winners

Positively Cleveland has announced the winners of the “Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video Contest.” The two winners and the runners up are below. In all honesty, the videos for the winners made me a little motion sick (too much camera movement).

The contest was held in response to an unfunny YouTube video posted by local comedian Mike Polk titled “Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video” which I can’t put here because he uses an expletive in it that I don’t think my blog sponsors would appreciate. Oh yeah, and did I mention it’s not even funny?

Anyway, here are the winners and runners up (I actually liked 2 of the runners up better than the winners).

Winner #1

Winner #2

Runners Up

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Friday, May 22, 2009

LeBron James and Kobe Commercials

As the Cleveland Cavaliers continue their way through the NBA playoffs, Nike Basketball has continued their very creative ads that portray Cleveland’s LeBron James and “some other basketball player” as puppets. There was a new commercial just recently released, so I thought I would include the new commercial, plus the other two already out there for the enjoyment of Cleveland Cavs fans. Here they are - and here's hoping the Cavs go on to win!

LeBron/Kobe Unstoppable Game Tape

LeBron/Kobe Chalk Video

LeBron/Kobe Three Rings Video

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo 2009 Dinosaur Exhibit

”Positively Cleveland” recently visited the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo to provide a “behind the scenes” look at the construction of the 2009 Dinosaurs! exhibit. This exhibit will feature species of dinosaurs never before displayed at the Zoo, such as the Edmontosaurus, the Compsognathus and the Cryolophosaurus. The latter is often referred to as the "Elvisaurus" because its large crest resembles the hair of Elvis Presley.

The exhibit will be open from Thursday, May 21, through Sunday, September 13. Admission to Dinosaurs! is just $1 per person with regular Zoo admission, and is free for Zoo members and children under 2. You can obtain more information on Dinosaurs! Can be found at this link for the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

Dinosaurs! 2009 At The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cleveland Tourism Video

The other day, a local Cleveland TV station highlighted a video on YouTube that was billed as a “hastily made Cleveland tourism video” for the city of Cleveland. Well, unlike that TV station, I won’t be promoting anything that is a put down of the city, whether it was supposed to be humorous or not.

I would rather focus on the good things about the city. Sure, it is not perfect – no big city is. Still, there are many things about this city that make it a great place to live and visit. Thankfully, someone else had created a better tourism video a while back that better represents what the city has to offer. I have the video below, and it’s worth the five minutes it takes to watch.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Cleveland International Piano Competition

The 2009 Cleveland International Piano Competition is only a few months away, beginning on Tuesday July 28 and running through Sunday August 9, 2009. The competition is held in Cleveland every two years, and contestants from all around the world come to here to complete for the top honor. The competition began in 1975, and in 1994, as its global recognition had grown, it became the Cleveland International Piano Competition. It draws hundreds of pianists to qualify to come and compete in Cleveland.

According to Cleveland International Piano Competition web site:

The first prize winner also is provided with a series of engagements under the auspices of the Competition, two years of management service, a compact disc recording on the Naxos label, and a New York recital debut at Alice Tully Hall in Lincoln Center.

The Competition is held biennially over a ten-day period that begins with the candidates performing solo recitals for the audience as well as an esteemed international panel of judges. Candidates are eliminated by vote of the jury until four finalists remain. These talented individuals perform concertos with The Cleveland Orchestra to determine the winner. The final rounds are held over a two-night period (two candidates per night) at Severance Hall. The winner is announced following the final performance.

WCLV 104.9 will broadcast the entire 2009 competition live, including the competition at the Cleveland Playhouse Bolton Theatre, the Concerto Rounds with The Cleveland Orchestra, and the Winner's Recital from Severance Hall. It will also be streamed on their web site

For piano lovers like me, it is a real treat. To help get everyone in the mood, I have included (below) a video of the performance and interview with the 2007 winner, Alexander Ghindin from Russia.

Further Reference

Cleveland International Piano Competition

Plain Dealer lists the 35 finalists

Alexander Ghindin 2007 Winner Cleveland International Piano Competition

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