Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Arcade

While Cleveland has a few building called arcades (see “Cleveland’s "Other" Arcades”), there is only one building that Clevelanders refer to as ”THE Arcade.”

Opened in 1890 and placed on the Register of Historic Places in 1975, The Arcade serves as a connection between Euclid Avenue and Superior. As these streets are not at even levels – the difference being about 12 feet - it can be a little confusing when one enters on Euclid at street level but then must take the stairs down to exit at street level on Superior.

While some shops and stores remain, most of the rooms overlooking The Arcade now are rooms for the Hyatt hotel. Sadly, the Hyatt has blocked off access to any views of the Arcade from the upper floors to anyone who is not a hotel guest.  (I asked nicely and was curtly rebuffed.)

Here are some photos that I took while visiting The Arcade last weekend. It is one of the most beautiful spaces in downtown Cleveland. It may also be one of the most beautiful arcades in the world.

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