Friday, May 14, 2010

Cleveland: The Sports “Curse” Is Alive And Well

Last night, the Cleveland Cavaliers lost what may have been their best chance EVER to nab the NBA championship, but the team, with the most valuable player in the NBA (LeBron James) just plain blew it. My response – snore. There is a reason I don’t get too excited about any Cleveland sports team, no matter how well they are doing. It’s because we haven’t won anything major since 1964, a pre-Super Bowl year, when the Browns were the NFL Champions. Everybody in the Cleveland area knows one of the city’s mottos is “Maybe next year…” and that the city has reportedly been cursed when it comes to their sports teams.

There are a few web sites that focus on Cleveland sports teams (and our dismal performances) such as and to name just two. But, if you want to dig deep into the details of what makes Cleveland sports fans feel cursed, you have to read the book “Curses! Why Cleveland Sports Fans Deserve To Be Miserable” by Tim Long. It speaks to all the horrific sports memories that long time Clevelanders would rather forget, such as the Browns’ “Red Right 88”, the Cleveland Indians trading Rocky Colavito, and Browns owner Art Modell moving the team out of Cleveland. It’s a great read and even after reading about all the history of sports misery in Cleveland, you may not feel so bad. OK, you will feel bad for the city and the fans, but then again, maybe like me, you will chose not to let it bother you anymore.

As for the Cleveland Cavaliers and their loss to Boston last night, well, all I can say is, “Maybe next year…”

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Mike Golch said...

Being the cinic that I am.I doubt there ever will be a winning team here in cleveland.The browns are always "rebuilding" the team,the Indians just can not seem to get their act together.and the Cavadivers just keep that boils down to one Thing The Cleveland sports teams will never deliver and the tax payers whe built the "new staduim" the "new ball field"and sports arena,will never get their money's worth back.