Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New WKYC Weather Promo A Bright Forecast for Betsy and Hollie

It’s such a shame that NBC’s airing of Jay Leno at 10:00 PM may be ruining the lead in to WKYC Channel 3 News. Possibly to combat the Leno effect, WKYC is putting out some great promos for its news shows.

One promo that started airing recently deserves special attention. First, it features two of the Cleveland’s favorite meteorologists, Betsy Kling and Hollie Strano. (This is the “we prepare you, not scare you” team, unlike WEWS’ Mark Johnson, who always seems to scare you.) Second, it is reminiscent of the classic, and very popular late 1970s TV ad for WEWS Channel 5 that paired news anchors Ted Henry and Dave Patterson.

Here are the new WKYC weather promo and the classic WEWS promo, for your enjoyment.

WKYC Betsy Kling and Hollie Strano

WEWS 1979 Dave Patterson/Ted Henry Promo

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