Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video Winners

Positively Cleveland has announced the winners of the “Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video Contest.” The two winners and the runners up are below. In all honesty, the videos for the winners made me a little motion sick (too much camera movement).

The contest was held in response to an unfunny YouTube video posted by local comedian Mike Polk titled “Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video” which I can’t put here because he uses an expletive in it that I don’t think my blog sponsors would appreciate. Oh yeah, and did I mention it’s not even funny?

Anyway, here are the winners and runners up (I actually liked 2 of the runners up better than the winners).

Winner #1

Winner #2

Runners Up

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Anonymous said...

Is it so hard for people to create good quality tourism videos about Cleveland that we have to almost bribe them? Have a look at user InsiderPerks on YouTube.. no idea who this guy or company is but they have 4 very high quality videos all about Cleveland and he told me in a message they plan on doing more.

Hopefully someone like Positively Cleveland could actually support him if they aren't creating them on their own. These are all great videos but we need something that's high quality and produced that we can actually use to promote Cleveland!

We need to promote the people who are actually trying to make this a better place to visit and who are trying to change the perception of this city.

Anonymous said...

Nice post. thanks for sharing the videos.

However, I must disagree with your comments on Mike Polk's videos. they are funny. They are meant to be jokes, not taken too seriously.

I love cleveland, but I can also take a joke about my own city....

Anonymous said...

No sense of humor since the original video are damn funny.