Thursday, January 15, 2009

You Know You’re A Clevelander When…

Every now and then, someone circulates an email that starts with, “You know you’re from Cleveland when…” It lists a lot of questions involving snow, cold, winter, lake effect, polkas, kielbasa, beer, pop, sports, rock & roll, the Cuyahoga River, East side vs. West side, potholes, and orange barrels. I think those categories cover just about all the key points of which any self-respecting Clevelander should be fully aware.

This video short from Positively Cleveland features its own list of topics covering how to know if you’re a Clevelander. Take a look and see if you fit the bill. PS – if you have to ask what "kielbasa" is (mentioned above), you can't possibly be a Clevelander. If you know what it is but you’ve never eaten it, you don’t deserve to be a Clevelander even if you do live here!

You Know You’re A Clevelander When...

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