Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cleveland’s "Other" Arcades

The Arcade

When everyone thinks of an arcade in Cleveland, they think of “The” Arcade, (above) which sits between Euclid Avenue and Superior, and is now part of the Hyatt Regency hotel. Of course, it is an impressive building. But there are two other, smaller arcades very close by on the other side of Euclid Avenue that deserves more attention and respect than they get.

Built in 1898, The Colonial Arcade originally connected Euclid Avenue with the Colonial Hotel (now the Residence Inn). It was designed by George Smith (who also helped design “The” Arcade) in the Georgian Revival Style. The neighboring Euclid Arcade was built in 1908 in the Classical Roman Style. (I am unable to verify who designed the Euclid Arcade.)

As part of the Colonial Marketplace development in 2000, a food court was added to connect the Colonial and Euclid Arcades in 2000 as part of a $60 million renovation project, and a Residence Inn was opened at the location.

Cityprowl Cleveland has a short walking tour map of this area that you can access via this link. All three arcades are just a short walk east of Cleveland's Public Square, near East 4th Street.

So if your looking for a nice walking trip before the end if summer – or anytime for that manner – check out these lovely arcades.

The Colonial Arcade

The Euclid Arcade

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sonny covic said...

There may be remnants of the Taylor Arcade at the 668 Euclid Building. You can see the top of it in Google maps.