Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cleveland’s Whaling Wall

Image from The Wyland Foundation

Daily, many Clevelanders pass the painting of whales on the Cleveland Public Power Plant, but probably don’t know much about it.

The mural is one of many “Whaling Walls” painted by artist Robert Wyland. It is Whaling Wall #75, called “Song of the Whales”, and was completed in 1997. It is 300 feet long, and 108 feet high.

Robert Wyland is a multi-talented artist and advocate for marine resource conservation. His non-profit Wyland Foundation supports many conservation programs, and this includes his Whaling Wall mural project. The Whaling Wall series includes over 90 Whaling Walls, and you can find them listed on the Wyland Foundation web site, here.

While there are no whales in Lake Erie (only the Lake Erie monster, so I hear), the location of the Cleveland mural is appropriate. It will hopefully remind us to preserve and protect the lake so all life – aquatic or otherwise – can benefit.

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