Saturday, November 24, 2007

Exploring Cleveland Neighborhoods: Tremont

Cleveland Skyline from Lincoln Park
Photo by Christine Zimmer (used with permission)

The Cleveland west side neighborhood of Tremont has been in the news a lot lately. Michael Symon, owner and executive chef of Lolita on Literary Rd., just won the Food Channel’s Iron Chef competition. The house where some of the movie “A Christmas Story” was filmed is located in Tremont (at the intersection of W.11th and Rowley Avenue), and is now a museum. For years now, this former industrial-influenced neighborhood has become a magnet for restaurants, small shops, and artists. This translates to a sometimes very vibrant nightlife. It’s been a great revitalization for the area, and serves as a model for resurrecting other Cleveland neighborhoods.
Lincoln Park
Photo by Christine Zimmer (used with permission)

The area contains many old churches, and a quick drive down West 14th, or a stroll in Lincoln Park at the center of the area, will bring them into view. Restoration continues on the older homes in the area, further erasing the gritty industrial past. There are nice views of the Cleveland skyline from Lincoln Park and from a Tremont mainstay, Sokolowski’s University Inn. If you like huge portions of simple ethnic eats served cafeteria style, this is the place for you. You won’t leave hungry.

So if you’re looking for something to do, and haven’t been in Tremont for a while, take a drive or walk through the area and check it out. A Christmas Story House is open for the could always drive down to Sokolowski’s to grab a bite – and check out the view – afterwards.

Skyline view from Sokolowski's University Inn

Photo by Christine Zimmer (used with permission)

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