Monday, December 1, 2008

The Cleveland Meteorologists’ Holiday Snow Dance

Admit it, you’ve noticed that the Cleveland television meteorologists seem to be ecstatic at the prospect of a nice big lake effect snowstorm, or even a “synoptic” snow storm that could dump tons of snow on whole the area. In fact, if you didn’t know better, you’d think that they are actually doing a snow dance behind those big green screens on their weather set. (By the way, a synoptic snow is just “weather speak” for a big snowstorm that covers such a large area that even Cleveland west siders will be shaking in their boots just hearing about it.)

Well, your suspicions are now proven true. Caught on camera (below), for the first time ever, are some of the Cleveland TV weather personalities doing their famous holiday “snow” dances (see below). And yes, they are really elves…even Jeff Tanchak. So if you see a big snow coming your way, you can be sure the Cleveland Meteorologists are dancing…again.

All kidding aside, Cleveland has some of the best on-air weather people in the country.

The Cleveland Meteorologists Holiday Snow Dance

By the way, if you view the video directly on YouTube, be sure to set it for "high quality", otherwise it will be blurry.

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