Thursday, May 1, 2008

Funny Clevelanders: Tim Conway

Before Drew Carey, one of Cleveland’s resident funny men was Tim Conway. He is considered a Clevelander, even though he was born in Willoughby, Ohio and grew up in Chagrin Falls. He is best known nationwide for his performances on “McHale’s Navy” and “The Carol Burnett Show”, but long time, maybe older Cleveland area residents remember him from his work on Cleveland radio and TV with Ernie Anderson (as Ghoulardi).

Wikipedia outlines Conway’s career here in Cleveland:

Conway later moved back to Cleveland to work with the late television broadcasting legend Ernie Anderson on WKYC TV, an NBC affiliate, in 1958 and 1959 and later, from 1960 to 1962,on WJW TV, (a the CBS-TV affiliate) teamed with station engineer and now legendary local TV personality Chuck Schdowski as regulars on Anderson's Ghoulardi Saturday Night Picture Show, where he also wrote material for the comedic skits shown in between movie intermissions. Conway also recorded a comedy album with Anderson. After he became famous, Conway would later resurface periodically on Cleveland TV through the years on the Hoolihan And Big Chuck and Big Chuck and Lil' John shows on WJW-TV in guest spots, and occasional skits.

Conway has also made regular guest appearances at numerous "Ghoulardifest" functions held by WJW over the years, (along with former Cleveland TV personality Bob "Hoolihan" Wells) in tribute to Anderson, who died in 1997.

Because everyone sometimes just needs to take a break to enjoy a laugh, here are some videos of Tim, doing what he does best – humor and making people laugh. One thing Clevelanders know how to do best is to “bring the funny”. Enjoy!

Big Chuck & Lil’ John’s Best
(7 Minutes, contains short clip on Tim Conway at the 2 minute mark)

Tim Conway as The Dentist (with Harvey Korman)

Tim Conway as The Jockey – With Johnny Carson

Tim on PBS’s Pioneers of Television

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